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Parents share their experience

Since attending this school, our 4 yrs old daughter has been way ahead in her academic achievement and overall growth. She has learned writing, reading, addition, subtraction, multiplication and many more in less than a year. She loves going on field trips. We knew very little about the Montessori system of learning before enrolling but we are happy that we took the chance. We are pleased to see this school helping our daughter set up such a strong foundation and shaping her future journey. Our daughter loves her teachers Ms Marie and Shelley. She loves her friends, field trips and everything about this school. We really appreciate all the efforts these teachers have dedicated to her education and we love the feedback that you give us. This school’s Montessori dedication to teaching is very impressive and we definitely would highly recommend this to other parents.
Our daughter loved Ms. Marie's school and had a great experience there. She learned to read and write and also learned do to all four math operations. She recalls, "The hands-on material was better for understanding." She also fondly remembers, "They gave you amazing snacks, like pancakes with whipped cream." We loved the orderly and peaceful learning environment and the respect the children develop for their peers, teachers, classroom, and their work. She made lots of friends and they had a nice enclosed playground and garden area. There were many opportunities for family and parent involvement, the children learned songs and dances which they presented, and they went on fun field trips, such as a Dr. Seuss musical and going to the Duke Lemur center. It was a great year of learning for her and we are very pleased with the choice we made.
Our daughter Emma loves being part of the Montessori family, and we are continuously impressed at how much she is learning - academically and socially. She is thriving in the mixed age concept that is typical for Montessori, and we have seen such a leap in her confidence and development ever since we joined. Ms Marie and Ms. Shelley are amazing with the children and have played an important role in our daughter‘s journey.