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Field Trips

When children have mastered the ability to function within our classroom, they will be ready to begin exploring the world beyond our school. In Montessori schools, these explorations take the form of both field trips and “going out.” Exploring and utilizing the world outside the classroom are integral components of the Magnolia Montessori experience. Children participate in an array of field trips each year. And as students mature and display appropriate levels of responsibility, they are expected to “go out” to complete their work. Maria Montessori was a big fan of going outdoors. Going out, as it is known in Montessori terms, is designed to foster independence and resourcefulness, and give children important real-life experiences. As students pursue greater depth in their work, they find the need to enter the “real world” to gather additional information. Perhaps they visit a museum, interview a specialist, or investigate a rock outcropping firsthand. Trips are typically planned by a small group of students engaged in a specific type of work or research. These Practical Life experiences place the responsibility on the students and allow them to develop vital communication & organizational skills.